MCG Rental Loss Index
The MCG Quantity Surveyors Rental Loss Index
About the index
As tax depreciation experts working with landlords across Australia, we wanted to create an industry first rental index that highlighted the high risk investment locations.

The MCG Quantity Surveyors Rental Loss Index highlights the top 10 suburbs in Australia, ranked by rental losses due to rental vacancies. The index uses total rental listings greater than 21 days for the suburb, multiplied by the suburbs aggregated median rent to provide a total rental lost index per suburb.

The first release Feb 2021 was featured in the national media.

Below is a nested excel sheet enabling you to filter by region to see the index for your suburb. An index rating of 10 represents a high risk market for investors, with the lowest rating of 1 indicative of a tight rental market not exposed to significant rental losses.

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The MCG Quantity Surveyors Rental Loss Index will help you;

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🗸 Understand the balance between houses vs units in risky regions

🗸 Periodically unpack the data to showcase rental and investor trends

🗸 Showcase particular suburbs to highlight market movements

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